Ultimate Guide To Valuable Large Cent Pennies in 2024

How Valuable is Your Large Cent Coin?

Wyatt McDonald

Jun 3rd, 2024 ·

Large cent coin values range from $10 to $1,000,000, but most fall somewhere between $20 and $150. Large cents were minted every year from 1793 to 1857, with the only exception being 1815. The most valuable large cents include the following five coins:

  • Flowing Hair Large Cents (1793)
  • Liberty Cap Large Cents (1793-1796)
  • Draped Bust Large Cents (1796-1807)
  • Classic Head Large Cents (1808-1814)
  • Coronet Large Cents (1815-1857)

These coins are referred to as large cents because their diameter is 1.125 inches which is slightly bigger than the modern penny at .75 inches. All large cents have twice the amount of copper as the half cent coin from the same time, making large cents bigger and heavier than modern day quarters.

Even though these coins are not made of any precious metals, like gold and silver coins you may own, if you own any of these large early American cents (1793-1814) they could still be worth up to six figures. Later versions of these large American cents are also valuable, worth at most up to four figures and at least around twenty dollars. 

To learn more about any large cents you own, consider checking out Penny Whimsy by Dr. William Herbert Sheldon, which is still considered the standard on large cents. For a simpler, more convenient way to determine your large cent’s worth, Coinfully offers free zero-pressure appraisals on all large cent coins.

Types of Large One Cents

There are five types of U.S. large cents. A large cent’s value is mainly determined by type, year, and condition.

The five types of United States large cents with their highest and lowest recorded prices are:

  • Flowing Hair Large Cents (1793): $8,000 – $125,000
  • Liberty Cap Large Cents (1793-1796): $350 – $170,000
  • Draped Bust Large Cents (1796-1807): $65 – $210,000
  • Classic Head Large Cents (1808-1814): $60 – $10,000
  • Coronet Large Cents (1815-1857): $10 – $8,500

You can find out which large cents you own based on the year located at  the bottom on the head side of your coins. Since these coins are older, you will not find them in circulation, like valuable modern pennies, but may instead find large cent coins in an inherited collection.

The best way to make sure your large cent’s value is on the higher end is to determine the coin’s type, year, and condition. Certain types of larger cents are more valuable than others, while some years are more sought after due to lower mintages. However,  the condition of your larger cent coins can add more to the coins value than anything else.

Most Valuable Large One-Cent Penny

A 1793 large cent with Flowing Hair and strawberry leaf design sold for $862,500 in 2009.

This large penny coin’s value comes from the strawberry leaf design below the head and above the 1793 year mint. There were 63,353 of these large one-cent coins minted, all coming from the Philadelphia Mint. Though now there are only four known strawberry leaf Flowing Hair Cents.

The lowest price of a Flowing Hair with strawberry leaf design coin is $414,000.

Common Large Cents to Look Out For

Front view of a valuable 1853 Coronet Head Cent, securely encased in a guarantee package, showcasing its historical and numismatic significance.

A few of the more common large cents to look out for include: 

  • 1794 Large Cent’s Value: $370 – $6,100
  • 1798 Large Cent’s Value: $135 – $14,000
  • 1803 Large Cent’s Value: $65 – $1,450
  • 1848 Large Cent’s Value: $20 – $130
  • 1850 Large Cent’s Value: $20 – $125
  • 1851 Large Cent’s Value: $20 – $125
  • 1853 Large Cent’s Value: $20 – $125
  • 1854 Large Cent’s Value: $20 – $125

What To Do with Your Valuable Large Cents

The first thing to do with your valuable large cents is get them appraised to find out how valuable they really are.

To get an appraisal, you will need to find an expert or shop that can appraise, buy, or sell coins and collections, either in person or online. 

How in-person appraisals work is dependent on where you go. Some appraisers might make you leave your large cents in a shop for a day or two for an appraisal, while others will charge you for appraisals if you do not make a sale.

Online appraisals happen from the comfort of your home. All you have to do during an online appraisal is send in a list of all your large cent coins with photos. 

If you are worried about the cost of online appraisals, don’t fret! Coinfully offers a free zero-pressure appraisal online. Plus, if you do decide to sell your large cent coins online after an appraisal, Coinfully will send you a check for the appraisal price. 

If you are torn between online and in-person appraisals for your large cents, we offer an at-home appraisal at Coinfully. During at-home appraisals, we send an expert to you, free of charge, and with zero pressure to sell.

Large cent coins are popular older coins among collectors, but can also demonstrate that just because a coin is old does not automatically mean it is valuable. Appraisals are the only way to determine how valuable your large one-cent pennies are and what makes them special. 

For large cents or any other coins you may own, reach out to Coinfully for an appraisal!


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