Selling rare coin collections can be a painful process that often results in a disappointing price for your coins. With Coinfully, you’ll get a market leading price from a simple online appraisal. You'll save time and get the best price for your collection, all from the comfort of your home.
Coinfully has been vetted and welcomed into the ranks of the top organizations and associations for the numismatic field. Dealer Member: The American Numismatic Association Authorized Dealer: Professional Coin Grading Services, Numismatic Guaranty Corporation, and the Certified Acceptance Corporation.
Coinfully can pay better than the competition for 2 simple reasons. #1, we are an online only company that is designed to do only 1 thing, purchase coins from collectors and families through our website. This means that we have extremely low overhead and efficient processes, the benefit of which we are able to pass on to our clients. #2, we sell to a vast network of numismatic professionals, allowing us to easily find the exact right buyer for your collection and sell to the highest bidder.
Unlike many traditional institutions, our documentation outlines the value of your collection down to the smallest detail. We are then able to tell you what we are going to sell it for as professionals so you can have an understanding of our margins and the lifecycle of your collection.
Appraisals: Coinfully does not charge anything for our online appraisal service. We believe that you shouldn't have to sell to gain clarity around your coins. Our official appraisal documentation is approved to be used for insurance, estate planning, and more. Purchasing Collections: Coinfully purchases coins from the collector community and their families at industry leading prices, then sells to dealers, wholesalers and other professionals. Our model is based on taking a small profit and focusing on efficiency and volume.
We are an online company with our Headquarters in Charlotte, NC. We have satellite offices with representatives in Arizona, California, Indiana, and Massachusetts.


“Numismatics is the study of coins and money, of coins and coin-like objects”. Please see this and other numismatic terms and definitions and the American Numismatic Society.
The value of a coin is determined by 4 factors: mintage (how many were made), population (how many are still known to exist), condition, and popularity (whether or not the collector community desires the item).
Maintaining the condition of your coins is essential. Here are a couple of the most important things to keep in mind: 1, never clean or polish your coins for any reason. 2, always hold coins by the rim and avoid touching the flat surface. 3, do not store long term in plastic PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) sleeves.

Appraisals and Numismatics

We appraise coins and currency, US and foreign.
We do not appraise error coins.
While condition is a critical component in coin value, the date, denomination, and mint mark can impact the value significantly as well. Certain pieces are so desirable that they bring great premiums, even in a lower condition.
No problem! Our appraisal process is completely free and our official documentation can be used for insurance, probate, estate planning and much more!

The process

Our process is super simple! Below are the steps to expect from Coinfully once you’ve decided you want to cut through the confusion and receive the best possible price for your coins:

1. Contact us about your coins however you’d like: through the website, over the phone, or via text message. If you can send us some clear pictures, that can accelerate the valuation, but if you just want to discuss what you have, we’d love to chat.

2. Our numismatic team may reach out to you for pictures or more information about your collection to ensure we have all the necessary details.

3. We give you a certified value for your collection! This appraisal is valid for insurance purposes, legal endeavors and more. We always stand behind our appraisals, and to prove it, our numismatics team will make an offer for purchased based on our appraisal. No pressure, we simply feel that if we’re going to give you a number, we should be confident enough in that number to put our money where our mouth is. If you aren’t interested in selling, no problem, that’s it, you’re done! Thanks for using Coinfully! We keep all of our appraisal data so if you ever want to sell in the future, we can update your appraisal with the current market prices at any time.

4. If you like our offer, you simply send us your coins via priority mail. These shipments are fully insured through Lloyds of London. If our offer is above $350, we’ll cover the cost of shipping.

5. When your package arrives at Coinfully, we open it under high security cameras to verify your collection. Once the collection is verified, your check is in the mail! Package receipt, verification, and disbursement of your payment will all happen on the same day.


All of our incoming collections must be sent via USPS "Priority Mail", with signature required. This is very important for our private insurance policy with Lloyd’s of London. You do not need to add insurance through USPS.
Coinfully pays for shipping on any offer higher than $350.
When your package arrives, Coinfully’s numismatic team opens it under 4k high security cameras. Once the collection is verified, we send your money!

Accounting and Settlement

Immediately after we verify your collection your payment is sent! Receiving your package, verifying the collection, and sending your money all happen on the same day!
Upon confirmation of your collection, we send your check immediately. Per your request, we can also remit payment via bankwire.

Safety and Security

All packages that we agree to receive are fully insured by the world-famous Lloyd's of London. In the unlikely event of a loss, our specialized numismatic insurance policy will cover you.

Large collections and special services

This is what we call a quality problem! We service many large estates and help with collections of all sizes. The process for you is just as easy as everyone else! In these cases we send a member of our numismatic appraisal team to meet you in person and deliver the valuation on-site.
We offer our concierge service for large and/or historically significant collections. We send one of our numismatic experts to a location of your choosing. We arrive with all of the necessary equipment and documentation needed to deliver your official appraisal and offer on-site.


Go ahead and just give us a call at 704-621-4893 or email us at info@coinfully.com. We offer numerous ways to upload pictures, large files, etc.

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