Coin appraisals - sell your gold and silver coins

Coin appraisals - sell your gold and silver coins

Apr 20th, 2023 · 2 min read

You may have seen the news. Gold and silver prices haven’t just gone through the roof – they’re hovering about a mile above it!

It’s sure to have got the mind whirring of anyone with a coin collection to sell. After all, you only sell once – and that should be at the very best price. When better than when markets are at an historical high AND demand is strong. Click here to read our blog about selling your coins at the right price – and get some numismatic terms explained.

History tells us that instability in the financial markets always gets people reaching for solid assets – and gold and silver will always be right up there when it comes to demand. Gold is currently at around the $2000 an ounce mark (bear in mind the all-time historical high was $2074), while silver is at $25 (the pandemic saw a peak of $29).

This is a great time to sell

Of course, any market can be volatile, so always check on the day, but it really does seem that, if you do happen to be sat there with an inherited coin collection, this is an excellent time to be considering taking that next step forward and selling.

Often we’re asked, ‘How often do coin appraisals come in high?’ Well, right now, when it comes to precious metals, coin collectors are in an envious position. Rare coins benefit from what is known as a numismatic premium.

Any precious metal has a value in its own right, but then there is also the rarity of the coin to think about. It means those seeking coin collection appraisals are in a particularly good place on the demand scale.

Look at it this way. Coin values tend to fall into one of the following three categories:

  1. Straight bullion – valued just on the precious metal % and weight.
  2. Rare coins – so rare, in fact, the gold becomes almost insignificant and negligible to the value.
  3. Sitting somewhere in the middle of these are coins where the precious metal content makes up most of the value, with a numismatic premium paid over and above the value of the precious metal in a nod to the fact they may be of historical significance. And it’s this premium that has spiked up.

The type of coins affected by numismatic premium would typically be versions of quarters, dimes and half dollars pre-1965, of around 90% silver. Now really is the time to check out whether you have any coin affected by numismatic premium in your coin collection.

What’s the best way to find out what my coins are worth?

Well, first things first, locate the best coin appraiser!

‘OK,’ you say. ‘But where can I find a coin appraiser? And, equally importantly, how much is it to get a coin appraisal?’

Well, first thing to do is take advantage of Coinfully’s free coin appraisal service. Using nothing more than the camera on your phone, and a simple upload, we’ll make a top-of-market offer if we’re interested in buying, and you’ll have a check arrive quickly in the mail.

For larger coin collections, we’ll happily come to you and appraise your coin collection in-person in the comfort of your home.

Find out how much your coins are worth at today’s rocketing marketing prices. GET AN APPRAISAL

You could be in for a very pleasant surprise!


Wyatt McDonald President & Co-Founder of Coinfully. A student of numismatics and trained in the ANA Seminar in Denver, Wyatt is the face of Coinfully and a true expert. After spending a decade buying coins over the counter at a coin shop, he knew there had to be a better way, for everyone involved.

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