Coinfully has pioneered an easy all-online appraisal and purchase process through our “3-Step Clear Appraisal” system. However, large or historically significant collections can often benefit from the in-person touch. If we are describing your collection, please click your state below to discuss an in-person appraisal at your home or office.

Coinfully – Northeast


Beginning with Colonial and Early America Coinage, American numismatics starts right here in the northeast of our country. For this region our in-person appraisal team is based out of beautiful Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Schedule an appraisal to meet with our numismatic team in your home or office below.

Harwich, MA
(617) 302-9261

Coinfully – Southeast


Home to the once famous Charlotte Mint and rich in numismatic history, Coinfully’s flagship office and base of operations is located in North Carolina. Our local numismatists are poised to deliver your official appraisal and top-of-market offer in the comfort of your own home. Schedule your in-person appraisal below now.

Charlotte, NC
(704) 621-4893

Dallas Location

Coinfully – South


Boasting a rich numismatic history, with a mix of US, Mexican, Indigenous coinage having circulated in the region, the South has always attracted dedicated coin collectors. Based out of Dallas, our numismatic experts will travel to your home to deliver an industry leading appraisal and offer in-person!

Dallas, TX
(214) 283-5917

Coinfully – Midwest


Beginning with the first American Numismatic Association Convention in Chicago in 1891, the Midwest has remained a magnet for coin collectors and numismatists to this day. Launching from Indiana, our Midwest team is eager to travel to your home to provide an industry leading in-person appraisal and offer. Contact us below.

Fort Wayne, IN
(463) 205-0324


Coinfully – Southwest


Host to many prominent rare coin conventions, clubs and collectors, Phoenix has a thriving numismatic community. Don't lug your coins through the hot sun for an appraisal! Let our simple online or in-person appraisal service deliver a top-of-market offer in the comfort of your home.

Phoenix, AZ
(623) 254-7390

Coinfully – West


Eureka! From the Gold Rush of 1848 to the prolific Denver Mint, the American west is ripe with numismatic history and amazing coin collections. Based out of California’s central coast, our rare coin experts will travel to appraise your large collection on-site at your home. Contact us below to discuss your collection and schedule an appraisal.

San Luis Obispo, CA
(805) 242-4917

Coinfully – Northwest


Greeting from Emerald City! Based out of Seattle and serving the entire Northwest, Coinfully appraisers are ready to travel to your home or office rain or shine! Contact us below to schedule an appraisal today.

Seattle, WA
(206) 337-7114

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