The Most Valuable Kennedy Half Dollars

Kennedy Half Dollars: A Guide to the Most Popular and Current Half Dollar

Wyatt McDonald

May 24th, 2024 ·

Most Kennedy Half Dollars are not worth much more than their face value, if there is a gap at all. Being just 60 years old in 2024, most people do not see much value in Kennedy Half Dollars since these coins are more modern than older coins worth serious money. The truth is,

However, valuable Kennedy Half Dollars do exist in circulation. Without an expert appraisal, it can be difficult to determine if any Kennedy Half Dollars you own are worth their face value or significantly more. 

To find out if any Kennedy Half Dollars you own are worth money, reach out to Coinfully for a free, zero-pressure appraisal.

History of Kennedy Half Dollars

The history of the Kennedy Half Dollar begins in 1964. In honor of late President John F. Kennedy, his profile was added to 50 cent coins.

One year after his assassination, JFK’s likeness was added to half dollar coins and replaced the Franklin Half Dollar. The United States minted the first Kennedy Half Dollar in 1964 and Kennedy Half Dollars have been minted ever since. 

Most Valuable Kennedy Half Dollars

According to PCGS, the five most valuable Kennedy Half Dollars are:

  • 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar
  • 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar
  • 1968-S Kennedy Half Dollar
  • 1964 (Accent Hair) Kennedy Half Dollar
  • 1964 (Accent Hair) Kennedy Half Dollar

What Makes A Kennedy Half Dollar Valuable?

Kennedy Half Dollars are valuable depending on several factors including: year, mint marks, proof, and condition.

Year can determine the metal composition of your Kennedy Half Dollar. Depending on the year, you could have up to 12.5 grams of silver.

Mints marks tell you where your Kennedy Half Dollar is from. This can add value to the coin since some mints made fewer Kennedy Half Dollars than others, making those coins rare.

Proof Kennedy Half Dollars tend to be worth more than regular striked ones. You can tell proof coins by their mirrored background. 

If you do have any 1964 proof Kennedy Half Dollars, look above JFK’s ear for thicker longer hair. These coins are referred to as Accent Hair Kennedy Half Dollars. The Accent Hair coins are not mint errors as they were supposed to be the regular strike of the coin until Jackie Kennedy asked for her late husband’s hair to be changed, making these incredibly rare coins.

Condition is the most important factor that will determine how much you could receive for your coin. Coins in better condition are more collectible and valuable than similar coins of lesser condition. Even the rarest of coins can become worth more in pristine conditions.

What Year Kennedy Half Dollars Are Most Valuable?

The single year of Kennedy Half Dollars that has the most value is 1964. Being the first year of Kennedy Half Dollars, and the only one made with a 90% silver content, 1964 is a key date for the coin and is very collectible.

Kennedy Half Dollars Mint Marks

The three mint marks you can find on Kennedy Half Dollars are:

  • P: Philadelphia Mint
  • D: Denver Mint
  • S: San Francisco Mint

Mint marks were not put on any Kennedy Half Dollar from 1965 to 1967, or on any Kennedy Half Dollars minted in Philadelphia before 1980.

Metal Value in Kennedy Half Dollars

The metal value of the silver in your Kennedy Half Dollar is between $4 and $10 at most, depending on what year Kennedy Half Dollar you own and the price of silver at the time.

The year of the Kennedy Half Dollar you own determines if it is a silver coin or not. The silver content is the only way your Kennedy Half Dollar has value in its metal. There were no silver half dollars minted after 1970, except commemorative coins.

Kennedy Half Dollar coins can come in two different silver contents: 90% silver and 10% copper or 40% silver and 60% copper.

The 90% silver Kennedy Half Dollars were only minted in 1964 and have a current silver value of $9.63. The 40% silver Kennedy Half Dollars were minted from 1965 to 1970 and are worth $3.94 in silver.

Kennedy Half Dollars are one of the most valuable silver half dollars based on silver prices, but do not let this fool you into thinking that this is the only form in which your Kenendy Half Dollars have value.

Before selling your silver coins for silver value, get an appraisal and see how much more they could be worth.

How to Determine if Your Kennedy Half Dollars Is Valuable

When trying to determine how valuable your Kennedy Half Dollar is, or the value of any silver half dollar you may own, the best option is to get a professional appraisal.

The smallest thing can make the difference when determining if your Kennedy Half Dollar is worth thousands of dollars or just its silver value. Determining the value of your Kennedy Half Dollars alone can be a stressful process without the trained eye of a professional. A numismatic expert can easily help you determine the coin’s value.

You can have an expert professionally determine the value of your coins during an appraisal. There are three options for getting your coins appraisals: online coin appraisals, in-person coin appraisals, and at-home coin appraisals.

If you want an online appraisal for your Kennedy Half Dollars, you will need to take photos of your coins and send them in. After, an expert will examine and tell you about the worth of your coins. For in-person appraisals, you will need to find a shop offering appraisals near you and take your coins there. In some cases you will have to leave your coins overnight to get a full appraisal and return the next day to sell or pick up your coins. 

If you want the best of both online and in-person appraisals, Coinfully offers an at-home appraisal where we send an expert directly to you.

If you are wondering how much an appraisal will cost you, no need to worry, Coinfully offers free zero-pressure appraisals online and at-home.

If you choose an online or at-home appraisal with Coinfully and decide to sell your coins, our experts are willing to pay you the determined value of your coins. During at-home appraisals, you can receive a check in the amount on the spot. If you decide on selling your coins online after an appraisal, you can send in your coins and receive a check one business day after receiving your coins.

To find out how much your Kennedy Half Dollars are worth, or to take the first step in selling your coins, reach out to Coinfully for a free zero-pressure appraisal!


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