Your Ultimate Guide To $2 Bills Worth Money

Everything You Need To Know About Valuable Two-Dollar Bills

Wyatt McDonald

May 28th, 2024 ·

While there are some two-dollar bills that are valuable, not all of them are worth more than their face value. In fact, most are somewhat commonly found in circulation and not worth more than $2. To determine if you own a valuable two-dollar bill, check the print date. If your bill was printed before 1976, it can be worth significantly more than face value –  some sell for up to $4,500.

The rarity of a valuable two-dollar bill makes discovering such a piece an exciting prospect. If you’re wondering about the value of your two-dollar bill, get an appraisal to learn if any $2 bills you may own are worth significantly more than face value.

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History of The Two-Dollar Bill

Detailed back view of rare $2 bills, highlighting the historical scene of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

Minted in the United States from 1862 to 1966 and again from 1976 to present day, there are currently more than one billion $2 dollar bills in circulation with over 200 million more being printed in 2024. 

The original two-dollar bill featured a portrait  of the first U.S. Treasurer, Alexander Hamilton. After 1928, the image of Hamilton was replaced with one of the third President, Thomas Jefferson, which has been the design ever since.

In 1976, the backside of the $2 bill was changed from an image of Jefferson’s home to a depiction of the signing of The Declaration of Independence.

In the mid-1900’s, people believed $2 bills were mostly used for betting on horses, in gentlemen’s clubs, or as bribes by politicians, giving the bills a bad reputation. Whether those were the bills’ main uses or simply urban legends is unknown. 

Since these bills are rarely seen in circulation today, some still believe that they are not real, while others believe they are rare and worth significantly more than two dollars, collecting them as a result.

How Much Do Two-Dollar Bills Sell For?

Two-dollar bills can sell for anywhere from face value to $4,500, depending on the year and condition of your bills.

Though you may not see two-dollar bills regularly, it does not mean that they are worth more than two dollars. Two-dollar bills are still being printed today, with a reported 1.4 billion bills in circulation in 2020.

Some circulated $2 bills from before 1928 can be worth at least a hundred dollars and up to over two thousand dollars. Uncirculated $2 bills from that time can be worth over four thousand dollars. These bills will be harder to find in circulation and are more common when inheriting coins and bills.

The online auction service, U.S. Currency Auctions, holds the highest price any $2 was sold for: an uncirculated bill from 1890 that sold for $4,500. Two-dollar bills printed as recent as 2003 have sold for $500 in uncirculated condition.

Where Can You Sell Two-Dollar Bills?

If you have any $2 bills worth money, you can sell them at most auctions or shops that buy and sell coin collections. Just make sure that you check and see if bills are accepted there.

Coin shops or dealers online and in person can buy your bills, though it helps to reach out and see first. If you decide to sell your bills in person and do not reach out first, you run the risk of taking your bills somewhere without receiving an offer.

For selling your bills or coins online, all you need to do is send in photos and descriptions. Then, if you are given an offer you like, you can send your currency in for sale. If you sell your coins or bills with Coinfully, you can expect a check within one business day of us receiving them.

Online and in-person auctions are also available, but the risk you run at auction can be that if no one bids you will have to sell your bills for less than they are worth. 

Where you sell your bills can determine how much you sell a two-dollar bill for. To make sure you are getting the best price wherever you sell, get an appraisal for your $2 bills to find out how much they are worth.

For a quick, easy, free, and zero-pressure coin appraisal from an expert, Coinfully offers two appraisals from the comfort of your own home: online and in-person. Either send photos to us with an online appraisal or we can send an expert to you free of charge with an at-home appraisal.

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