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Free Online Coin Appraisals Have Never Been Easier

If you are looking for online and free coin appraisals, Coinfully is here for you.
After years of working in coin shops and auction houses, our experts at Coinfully realized there had to be an easier way to appraise coins. They now make the coin appraisal process as simple as possible for you by being free, zero-pressure, and from the comfort of your own home.
The Coinfully experts are constantly aware of what is happening with coin market trends and the prices of all different types of coins so that the appraisals given to you are fair reflections of your coin’s value.

Why Get a Coin Appraisal Online with Coinfully?

Our online appraisal service eliminates the risk of being taken advantage of when you sell your collection.

In-Person coin appraisal

You never know what you are going to get with an in-person coin appraisal. There are some high quality in-person coin appraisers, and some who prey on newcomers to coin collecting. Unfortunately, you do not know which you are dealing with until it is too late.

Avoiding hassle

When you go to an in-person coin appraiser, you will need to take your collection to them. After your appraisal you will have to take all of your coins back home. We know how much hassle and stress this can be, especially if you have a bigger collection. 

Know your worth

Knowing this, some coin appraisers will tell you that your coin collection is worth less than its actual value as a way to try and convince you to sell your collection. Now they have your good coins at a low price because you did not know better.

Easy Online Appraisals

At Coinfully, you do not have to worry about someone pressuring you to sell your coins as a way to leave them there, since you do it all from the comfort of your home. Coinfully specializes in online appraisals that are easy for you, the seller. 

Coin appraisal education

Our goal when giving coin appraisals is to educate you on your coins, not pressure you into selling them. We believe that regardless of if you have been collecting coins for years or are just starting out, you have a right to know as much as you can about your coins so you can make the best decision.

Latest technology used

Since we operate with the latest technology online, we are able to save on overhead. This is how we are able to offer our coin appraisals online, for free. Then, if you decide to sell to us, you can feel confident knowing you will get the best prices for your coins.

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How to Take The Best Photos of Your Coins

To take the best photos of your coins get a dark background, good lighting, and make sure you adjust the focus. This process helps our experts give you a proper coin appraisal.
The steps for taking proper photos are:
  • On a dark background lay your coin(s), in a grid pattern to reduce the number of photos needed.
  • Make sure you have good overhead lighting for your photos. Bring your camera close to your coins and make sure that the coins do not reflect too much light.
  • Check the focus of your photos to make sure your coins are not too blurry.
  • Now, take the photos, flip the coins over, and repeat the process with the other side of the coins.

Prefer In-Person Deals? Try an At Home Appraisal!

If you want the ease of online appraisals and also the interaction an in-person appraisal gives you, consider Coinfully’s at-home appraisals.
Don’t put in all the work for an in-person appraisal just to be offered pennies on the dollar.

What Does Zero-Pressure Mean?

After an appraisal, you will have to decide if you want to keep or sell your coins. If you decide to keep your coins, it is a smart idea to have them looked at by any place that assigns grades to coins. Having your coins graded and sealed will make sure they retain their value after an appraisal. If you decide to sell your coin collection, our appraisals are as good as the valuable gold in your coins. If you are looking to sell and you’re happy with the prices on our appraisals, Coinfully is willing to buy your coins from you at that price. During at home appraisals our experts can write you a check in minutes. With online appraisals you will need to send you coins to us. When you send your coins to Coinfully, they are fully insured by Llyod’s of London and will be carefully opened under 4k security cameras. When we receive your coins, you will be paid in one business day. If you decide to sell and send your coins to us, we may notice something valuable in person that we did not notice online. When this happens you will be paid more than your original appraisal to make up for the extra worth of your coins.
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