How Much Is A Silver Half Dollar Worth In 2024?

Find the Value in Your Silver Half Dollars

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Wondering how much your silver half dollar is worth? A silver half dollar’s value can be anywhere from $3.69 to $2,150,000 in 2024, depending on factors such as grade and rarity.

Since the coin’s minting, the silver half dollar has been minted and circulated for over two hundred years. Since then, it has had the time to join many coin collections and some silver half dollars have had the opportunity to significantly increase in value.

If you have inherited a coin collection that you do not know what to do with which features silver half dollars, found some silver have dollars, or are looking to sell some of the silver dollars in your collection, make sure you know their worth.

Figuring out exactly how much your silver half dollar is worth by yourself can be hard. There are some things to look for when trying to find out your coin’s value, all of which you will learn below. 

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With that said, let’s dive into how much silver half dollars are worth in 2024!

Factors Affecting My Silver Half Dollar’s Value

How collectible a coin is determines its worth. There are two major factors affecting the collectibility of a silver half dollar: rarity and grade.


Rare silver half dollars are the ones that collectors dream about seeing and owning.

Like anything of value, the scarcer the silver half dollar the more expensive it becomes. There are a number of reasons that make a silver half dollar scarce, the biggest ones are:

  • Low mintage
  • Destroyed or melted down
  • Only found in a very low grade

The harder it is to find a silver half dollar, the more it is worth.


The most expensive coins are the rarest ones in the best grade, or condition. 

The grade of a coin is determined by its condition, rated on a scale from 1 to 70. One is given to a silver half dollar that has been heavily circulated, these coins have the most signs of wear and have been clearly handled by many people. Seventy is given to a silver half dollar that was uncirculated, these coins look the exact same as they did when they were first minted.

Types and Top Values of Silver Half Dollars

Silver Half Dollar Coins - 1936 D 50C Walking Liberty Half Dollars coin in guaranty package

There have been eight different coin designs for silver half dollars since the United States mint produced the first fifty cent piece in 1794. The highest silver half dollar value is different for each of the eight types:

  • Flowing Hair Half Dollar (1794-1795): $2,000,000
  • Draped Bust Half Dollar (1796-1807): $2,150,000
  • Capped Bust Half Dollar (1808-1839): $600,000
  • Seated Liberty Half Dollar (1839-1891): $750,000
  • Barber Half Dollar (1892-1915): $240,000
  • Walking Liberty Half Dollar (1916-1947): $175,000
  • Franklin Half Dollar (1948-1963): $85,000
  • Kennedy Half Dollar (1964-Present): $26,000

*All prices are according to PCGS’s price guide on their website

Though silver was totally removed from Kennedy silver half dollars in 1971. Kennedy half dollars minted before them still contain silver.

For just over 150 years the design on the face of silver half dollars was a woman who represented liberty. Benjamin Franklin replaced liberty on the coins. The face of the 1964 silver half dollar was changed to honor President John F. Kennedy after his assassination the year before.

How Much Silver Is In My Half Dollar?

The amount of silver in your half dollar is dependent on the type you have. Or, more specifically, the year your silver half dollar is.

The three silver half dollars from 1794 to 1838 contain 89.24% silver.

  • Flowing Hair Silver Half Dollar 
  • Draped Bust Silver Half Dollar 
  • Capped Bust Silver Half Dollar

After 1839, the silver amount in half dollars was raised to 90%.

image of a seated silver half dollar coin in guaranty package
  • Capped Bust Silver Half Dollar 
  • Seated Liberty Silver Half Dollar 
  • Barber Silver Half Dollar 
  • Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollar 
  • Franklin Silver Half Dollar 
  • Kennedy Silver Half Dollar 

Though the Kennedy half dollar’s silver content has decreased several times throughout the years. 

Thanks to the President of the United States signing the Coinage Act in 1965, the amount of silver in half dollars dropped from 90% to 40%. In 1970 all silver was removed from half dollars and replaced with copper nickel clad coins.

The Coinage Act in 1965 also removed all silver from dimes and quarters, only leaving silver in dollar and half dollar coins. silver quarters and dimes before 1965 can be very valuable.

Which Silver Half Dollar Is The Rarest?

Outside of proofs and misprints, the rarest silver fifty cent coin is the 1873-S Seated Liberty no arrows silver half dollar.

There were only 5,000 of these coins printed, all of which are thought to have been melted down. 

If one is found the value of this silver half dollar is believed to be well over a million dollars.

The 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar Silver coin is the most sought after silver half dollar.

Though not the most expensive silver half dollar, the 1964 silver half dollar has value because it was the first of these coins minted in honor of the President.

The 1964 Kennedy silver half dollar’s value can range from $9.50 to $5200 depending on condition.

Junk Silver Half Dollars vs Collectible Silver Half Dollars

If you have any coin made of precious metal it will either be junk or collectible. Both are worth money, but how much is determined by which you have.

It can be hard to know if your silver coin is junk or collectible without an expert appraisal. Though condition and rarity play into determining junk vs collectible.

Junk Silver Half Dollar Coins

A junk silver half dollar coin’s worth is directly tied to the price of silver.

Despite what their name says, these coins are not worthless. Though, they are not the coins that you see worth thousands of dollars. Whatever the value of their weight in troy ounces is (a unit of measurement for precious metals and about 31 grams) will be their price.

In 2024 a typical 90% junk silver half dollar is worth $9.01 and a 40% junk silver half dollar is about $3.69.

Collectible Silver Half Dollar Coins

Silver half dollar coins that surpass their value in silver are collectible.

These silver half dollars have a numismatic value. Which means that they have an importance beyond their silver content. These are the coins that collectors want and are willing to pay a significant amount of money for.

Just a few things that can make a silver half dollar coin collectible are:

  • Proof coins
  • Great condition
  • Hard to find coins
  • Misprints on mint marks

There are many of these coins in inherited coin collections

What To Do With My Silver Half Dollars?

After knowing their worth most people keep or sell their silver half dollars

The two major options you have with your silver half dollars, after you have found out their worth, is keeping them or selling them.

If you plan on keeping your coins you can have them graded and protected from elements or anything that can reduce their value.

If you have decided on selling your silver half dollars you can take them to a coin shop in person or online. But, before you consider selling your coins make sure you know all that you can about them, including their value, so that no one can pressure you into selling for less than they are worth.

Whether you plan on keeping your coins and want to learn more about them or are thinking of selling them, taking your coins to an appraiser can help you greatly. An appraiser can tell you about and give you the history of your specific coins, so you can know why they are worth money.
If your collection is too big or you are worried about moving your coins, reach out to us. At Coinfully, we offer an at-home appraisal where one of our numismatic experts comes to you, at no cost, to look at your collection and give you a zero-pressure appraisal.

Silver Half Dollar Worth: Frequently Asked Questions

How Much is a Roll of Silver Half Dollars Worth?

That depends on which silver half dollars are in your roll. Though, each roll contains 20 silver half dollars. If they are all the same rarity and grade, take whatever the worth of one is and at least times it by 20.

How Much is a 1976 Half Dollar Worth Today?

Since there is no silver in these Kennedy half dollars, they are only worth their face value at around fifty cents. However, some with errors can be worth a little more.

How Much is a 40% Silver Half Dollar Worth?

Based on silver alone, these half dollars are worth around $4. If they are proofs or in a high grade, they can be worth quite a bit more than that.

Do Any Modern Coins Have Silver in Them?

No modern coins in circulation have silver in them. However, there are a few coins minted for collecting, that are proof or uncirculated, with silver in them–making the American The Beautiful Quarters, American Silver Eagle Dollars, and the Morgan Silver Dollar valuable silver coins.


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