The Top Silver Dollars Worth Money in 2024

Which Silver Dollars Are Worth The Most?

Wyatt McDonald

Apr 27th, 2024 ·

The silver dollars worth the most belong to eight distinct designs. The exact value of your silver dollar depends on which of the following designs you own: 

  • Flowing Hair Dollar: 1794-1795
  • Draped Bust Dollar: 1795-1803
  • 1804 Dollar: 1834 until 1869
  • Seated Liberty Dollar: 1840-1873
  • Trade Dollar: 1873-1885
  • Morgan Dollar: 1878-1904 & 1921
  • Peace Dollar: 1921-1928 & 1934-1935
  • Eisenhower Dollar: 1971-1976

Within these eight designs, there are many silver dollar coins worth money. In this article, we’ll outline which are the most valuable from each design. If you have any silver dollars we will tell you the best way to know their value wether you decide on keeping or selling your silver coins.

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Most Valuable Silver Dollar From Each Design

Below are the most valuable silver dollars from each design. Remember, there are many factors  that can contribute to a silver dollar’s value: which United States mint it came from, how low the mintage was, errors, and of course, the coin’s condition. 

Flowing Hair Dollar (1794-1795)

A 1794 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar sold for $12,000,000 in 2013, putting this coin at the top of any silver dollars worth money list.

The reason this silver dollar coin is worth more money than others is the grade of the coin being so high. Other sale prices of flowing hair dollars are still in the million dollars, but none so far have been as high quality as this one.

Draped Bust Dollar (1795-1803)

Some 1795 Draped Bust Dollars with an offset Lady Liberty can be worth over a million dollars with one from 2016 in a high grade being worth $1,057,500.

With off-center Liberty Draped Bust Silver Dollar coins, the stars will be further from the dates than other coins. You can identify off-center Draped Bust Dollars by Lady Liberty’s hair curling between two star points on the bottom left-most star.

1804 Dollar (1834 until 1869)

1804 Dollars are incredibly rare coins with few being worth less than a million dollars and the most expensive one selling for $7,680,000.

The reason that these rare silver dollar coins are so valuable is that they were originally minted thirty years after the date on the coin states:1834. All of these coins were made with the same head and tail design as the Draped Bust Dollar and were meant as diplomatic gifts.

Later 1804 Dollar coins were stuck until the die face for the coin was defaced in 1869 to stop the minting of these coins. Though some believe that some 1804 dollar coins were struck as late as 1876.

If you are wondering which year of silver dollars are worth the most money, this 1804 Dollar would certainly fit the bill. They are worth serious money in nearly all conditions.

Seated Liberty Dollar (1840-1873)

The record price someone has paid for a Seated Liberty Dollar was $1,207,500 for an1866 Dollar coin without the motto “In God We Trust” on the coin. 

Since the 1866 Seated Liberty Dollar coins without mottos were never sold, or given out, by the mint it is believed that they were made for high people working in or friends of the mint. Only two of these coins are known to exist. 

Trade Dollar (1873-1885)

In 2019, a 1885 proof Trade Dollar sold for $3,960,000.

1885 proof Trade Dollars are one of the rarest and most sought after coins when collecting since there are only five known to exist. These coins rarely come up for auction or sale. It is believed that the next time one comes up for sale, it will be worth more than any before.

Morgan Dollar (1878-1904 & 1921)

The most valuable Morgan Dollar ever was minted in 1893 in San Francisco (meaning it has an S mint mark) and sold for $2,086,875 in 2021.

Designed and named after George T. Morgan, the 1893-S Morgan Silver Dollar had the lowest mintage out of any Morgan Dollar with even fewer surviving the Pittman Act in 1918, which called for most of the silver dollars to be melted down. These Morgan Dollars are worth a ton and are one of the highest counterfeited coins according to NGC.

Peace Dollar (1921-1928 & 1934-1935)

There are only ten 1922 Peace Dollars struck with a high relief. One with a matte finish sold for $458,250 in 2014.

The design of dollar coins were changed to the Peace Dollars in 1921 to commemorate the end of World War I.

The 1921 Peace Dollars were all planned to be made with a high relief, meaning that the highest point on the coin passes above the edge of the coin. Due to the pressure needed to make high relief coins, the dies kept shattering and they were forced to change to low relief coins in 1922. Still, ten Peace Dollars were struck with high relief and are the most valuable of this design.

Eisenhower Dollar (1971-1978)

A 1971 Eisenhower Dollar minted in San Francisco sold for $30,550.

From 1971 to 1974, Eisenhower Dollars contained 40% silver. In 1971, the San Francisco mint produced 90% silver Eisenhower Dollars. While these 90% silver dollar coins were only intended for collectors, some have found their way into circulation.

Dollar Silver Coins Melt Value

The melt value of the dollar silver coins is dependent on the silver content in your coins, but can be worth between $8 and $21.

The melt value of silver coins is directly related to the amount of silver in a dollar and the price of the precious metal. If your coin is 40% silver, the value will be closer to $8 while your 90% silver coins can be worth around $21, depending on the price of silver at the time you sell. Even the most expensive silver half dollars have a melt value less than ten dollars.

Dollar coins made of fine silver (99.9% silver) are worth around $28. This is the same with gold dollar coins and the price of gold. 

Do not assume your silver coins value is only in the melt value and silver. The price of your silver coin could be significantly higher to coin collectors. Though, it is hard to tell exactly how much higher without an expert opinion during an appraisal of your coin collection.

How To Find The Worth of Your Silver Dollar

The only sure way to find out the worth of your silver dollar is through an appraisal by an expert in-person or online.

For in-person appraisals, you can take your coins to a certified coin dealer or shop. You may be asked to leave your silver dollars there so that they can examine them properly.

For online appraisals of your coins, like the online appraisal offered by Coinfully, you will have to take an inventory and submit pictures of your silver dollars or any other coins in your collection. Then, you will receive an appraisal of your coins.

If you are having trouble deciding between in-person and online appraisals, Coinfully offers an at-home appraisal that combines the ease of online coin appraisals with everything in-person appraisals have to offer. During an at-home appraisal, Coinfully sends an expert to you where they will examine and determine the worth of your silver dollar coins.

All appraisals with Coinfully are zero-pressure and free of charge.

If you get an appraisal with Coinfully and decide to sell your valuable coins at the price given to you during the appraisal, Coinfully will buy your coins at the appraisal price.

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