Types of Dollar Coins Worth The Most Money in 2024

Your Complete Guide To Valuable Dollar Coins

Wyatt McDonald

Apr 30th, 2024 ·

The most valuable dollar coins are the:

  • Flowing Hair Dollar
  • 1804 Dollar
  • Trade Dollar
  • Morgan Silver Dollar
  • Seated Liberty Dollar

In this complete guide to valuable dollar coins, we’ll discuss the dollar coins worth the most money. 

Since the United States minted their first dollar coin 230 years ago, there have been more than a dozen different types of dollar coins.

U.S. dollar coins worth money are hard to identify at a glance Their value lies in where they were minted, their historical significance, mintage, precious metal content, whether they are error coins, and their condition.

a checklist for identifying valuable dollar coins - Includes Mint Marks, Key Dates, Errors, and Condition

Valuable dollar coins can have any  mark from the following mints:t Charlotte (C), Carson City (CC), New Orleans (O), Philadelphia (no mint mark), West Point (W), Dahlonega (D), San Francisco (S), or the Denver mint (D).

There are some key dates in dollar coins that will add to their value. Key dates can mean anything from the first or last coin minted for a certain type, rare coins from low mintage years, or any other kind of historical significance. Dollar coins featuring any errors can be highly sought after by coin collectors or coin dealers, making them worth serious money.

Dollar coins worth money are made from all types of metals: gold, silver, copper, and nickel. Sometimes, gold and silver dollar coins are worth more money thanks to the value of their gold and silver content. Other times, silver and gold dollar coins are worth money due to their precious metal value.

However, the most important thing when finding out the value of your dollar coin is condition. A better condition will get you a higher price for your coins.

Between all the factors listed  above, it can be hard to know what your dollar coins are really worth without help from an expert. The easiest way to get an expert’s evaluation of your coins is with an appraisal

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In the meantime, here are the top record values from the five rare dollar coins that are worth the most money.

Flowing Hair Dollar

The Flowing Hair Dollar coin was the first dollar coin issued by the United States government.

Flowing Hair Silver Dollar coins were only minted in 1794 and 1795 at the New Orleans, San Francisco, Carson City, and Philadelphia mint. These early silver coins are a key part of any coin collection.

The most valuable Flowing Hair Dollars are the:

  • 1794 Flowing Hair Dollar: $12,000,000
  • 1794 Flowing Hair Dollar: $6,600,000

1804 Dollar

One of the rarest coins in the world, the 1804 Dollars were originally minted as diplomatic gifts in 1834 not in the date on the coin.

These coins were so rare right after their minting that over the next three decades after the coin’s original minting in 1834, employees minted unauthorized versions of the1804 dollars. There are few small things that can let an expert know when an 1804 Dollar was minted, though all 1804 Dollars are worth a lot of money.

The most valuable 1804 Dollars are the:

  • 1804 Dollar: $7,680,000
  • 1804 Dollar: $3,877,500

Trade Dollar

Minted from 1973 to 1885, Trade Dollars were never circulated in the United States even though they were legal tender.

Most Trade Dollars were circulated in China with many containing chopmarks or stamps by merchants to authenticate the coins. Though most Trade Dollars with marks are worth less than full coins, some with interesting chopmarks or stamps can be worth more. In 1887 any Trade Dollars without marks could be exchanged by the U.S. treasury for $1. 

The most valuable Trade Dollars are the:

  • 1885 Trade Dollar: $3,960,000
  • 1885 Trade Dollar (Proof): $2,100,000

Morgan Silver Dollar

Detailed view of a Morgan Silver Dollar on top of coin books, showcasing tools for studying and valuing classic American coins

Morgan Silver Dollar coins are valuable and one of the most collected coins of all time, being minted from 1878 to 1904 and again in 1921.

Because of the Pittman Act in 1918, over 270 million Morgan Silver Dollars were melted down, making any 1921 issues of the Morgan Dollar coin the most common ones. Though, there is a big collectors market for all Morgan Dollars of any year in good condition.

The most valuable Morgan Silver Dollars are the:

  • 1893-S Morgan Dollar: $2,086,875
  • 1889-CC Morgan Dollar: $881,250

Seated Liberty Dollar

An 1854 Seated Liberty Dollar preserved in a secure guarantee package, showcasing its pristine state and collectible quality.

Minted for over thirty years, 1840 to 1873, Seated Liberty Dollar coins are relatively easy to get a hold of.

It is unlikely that you will find Seated Liberty Dollar coins in uncirculated condition, but the better the condition the more you can expect for your coin. Though even in heavily circulated condition, you can still get at least a few hundred dollars.

The most valuable Seated Liberty Dollars are the:

  • 1870-S Seated Liberty: $1,092,500
  • 1866 Seated Liberty (No Motto): $1,050,000

Finding The Value of Your Dollar Coins

The best way to find the value of your dollar coins is with an appraisal online or in-person.

Whether in-person or online, an appraisal can have an expert look at your dollar coins and tell you exactly how much they are worth and where their value is. The choice of appraisal is totally up to you and your convenience.

Numismatist inspecting a Morgan Silver Dollar under magnifying glass, focusing on identifying marks and wear for valuation.

For in-person appraisals you will need to find a certified coin shop or dealer who can appraise your collection, take your dollar coins to them, and then take them home afterwards. If you choose an online coin appraisal you will have to take photos or make a list of the dollar coins you want appraised and send the photos and list in.

At Coinfully, we offer online appraisals as well as at-home appraisals. At-home appraisals with Coinfully combines the ease of an online appraisal with the familiarity of in-person appraisals by sending an expert to your home for an appraisal.

With Coinfully, both online and at-home appraisals are free zero-pressure appraisals. If after you decide to sell your coins online or at-home after an appraisal from Coinfully, we will write you a check.

Dollar coins are not the only coins worth millions of dollars, any coin you own can be valuable. If you are wondering what half dollar coins are worth money or want to know the value of any other coin, reach out to Coinfully and get your coins appraised online or at-home today!


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