Are Your Dimes Worth Money in 2024?

The Ultimate Guide to Valuable Dimes

Wyatt McDonald

Nov 16th, 2022 · 7 min read

The following is our Coinfully list of dimes worth money:

  1. Pre-1917 Dimes
  2. Mercury Dimes
  3. Roosevelt Dimes (1946–1964)
  4. No-S Roosevelt Dimes
  5. 1996-W Roosevelt Dimes
  6. Error Dimes: Doubled Dies

Dimes, the ten-cent US coins, are known for their small size, but some dimes have prices that are far from being small by a great deal. The idea of finding dimes worth money is exciting because you could literally be sitting on or flipping your next payday.

While this may come across as surprising to unsuspecting owners, experienced coin collectors would surely find it easier to identify rare dimes as the valuable collectibles that they are.

There are different features that make certain dimes special. Some are very rare and can almost never be found in circulation, while others show up once in a while. The question, though, is: how do you even recognize these dimes when you see them?

To somewhat even the playing field if you’ve happened upon or inherited coins you do not know what to do with, this article gives premium information on finding, identifying, appraising, and selling rare dimes worth money.

Coinfully Chart displaying flowchart of what to do with valuable dimes - should you sell your valuable dimes?
Coinfully Chart displaying flowchart of what to do with valuable dimes – should you sell your dimes or keep them?
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Generally, U.S. dimes made after 1964 are not worth much more than face value. However, those made before then are valued at higher prices than their face value. What’s the story?

Well, the earlier coins were predominantly made of silver up until the 1965 Coinage Act. This Act replaced silver for making dimes with a nickel and copper combination. Silver remained in some coins, increasing their value. Reduced to 40% silver after the Coinage Act and entirely removed of silver in 1970, silver half dollars are very valuable coins.

Aside from dates, there are other errors found on dimes that make them valuable. There is also the factor of grading the dime, whether circulated, uncirculated, very worn, or lightly worn.

The dimes mentioned in this list are not necessarily rare investment pieces worth thousands of dollars, but they fetch a decent amount of cash. If you’re looking out for valuable dimes that you can ‘happen upon’, these coins can be found in circulation, with a collector, or in an inherited coin collection and are worth more than face value.

  1. Pre-1917 Dimes

These dimes are basically made from 90% silver. They are characterized by the image of Lady Liberty in a full profile or bust form. They could be:

  • Bust dimes
  • Barber (Liberty Head) dimes
  • Liberty Seated dimes

They are classic dimes that are quite difficult to find in circulation, and their scarcity makes them pretty valuable. You should feel lucky when you find any of these dimes, as they could be worth $2-$100. The price usually depends on their condition and could exceed this range.

  1. Mercury Dimes
Detailed image of 1916 10C Mercury dime showing both front and back views, highlighting key design elements.

These dimes were made between 1916/1917 to 1945. The dime designers added a wing on Lady Liberty’s head, and they were called the Winged Liberty Head dimes. This is one of the distinguishing characteristics of these dimes. They’re now called Mercury dimes because people mistook Lady Liberty for Mercury (the speedy Roman god) with her added wings. These dimes are scarce but show up once in a while. Most Mercury dimes are usually well-worn (low grades) and tend to be worth about $2-$5, with some up to the thousands.

  1. Roosevelt Dimes (1946–1964)

The Roosevelt dimes minted before the Coin Act have premium precious metal content and can be worth much more than their face value. They are characterized by the image of President Roosevelt, as their name implies. They are pretty common; hence the only valuable ones from that period are those that are worn. The particular grade of the coin can be checked by getting an appraisal by Coinfully. They are usually worth between $1-$2.

  1. No-S Roosevelt Dimes

These dimes were minted without an ‘S’ mark and made in the San Francisco Mint between the 1960s to 1980s. They seem similar to the Philadelphia Mint dimes made pre-1980. However, unlike the business-strike dimes that carry face value, these No-S Roosevelt dimes are only in proof sets.

They are pretty rare and can be worth a lot of money ranging from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars.

  1. 1996-W Roosevelt Dimes

West Point Mint carries a ‘W’ mint mark on these special dimes. The Roosevelt dime had its 50th anniversary in 1996, and this ‘W’ marked it. While they were only shared as 1996 uncirculated sets, some were removed and circulated. The former is worth about fifteen dollars, while the latter is worth five to ten dollars.

  1. Error Dimes: Doubled Dies

Most times, people are rarely searching for the Roosevelt dimes with double dies (light or drastic). Careful searching for these scarce collectibles could reward you with a dime worth $25-$50 and more. While some double dies require a lot of magnification, some can be seen with the naked eye. The clearer this error is, the more valuable the dime.

A Comprehensive List of Rare Dimes Worth Money

The Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) and the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) are the organizations that certify coins and proclaim them to be in mint state. Some of the most valuable coins are those that survive to date in mint condition (including coloration). Rare dimes worth money usually fall into this category.

However, many of them could be rare for a wealth of other reasons like silver content, and small production quantity. These coins range from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars. It also runs into millions for some very rare dimes. In a bid to assist newbie coin collectors and extremely lucky coin owners, listed below are rare dimes worth money arranged by their year or production.

Some rare and valuable dimes to look for are:

  1. Bust Dimes Worth Money
  • Draped Bust dimes: Pre-1809
  • Capped Bust dime: 1809
  • 11 Over 09 Capped Bust dime: 1811
  • STATESOFAMERICA Capped Bust dime: 1814
  • STATESOFAMERICA Capped Bust dime: 1820
  • Capped Bust dime: 1822
  • 4 Over 2, Pointed 1: 1824
  • Flat Top 1 in 10C. Capped Bust dime: 1827
  • Large Date, Curl Base 2: 1828
  • Curl Base 2 Capped Bust dime: 1829
  1. Liberty Seated Dimes Worth Money (1843-1885)
  • 1843-O Liberty Seated dime
  • 1844 Liberty Seated dime
  • 1846 Liberty Seated dime
  • 1856-S Liberty Seated dime
  • 1858-S Liberty Seated dime
  • 1859-S Liberty Seated dime
  • 1859, Obverse of 1859 with Stars, Reverse of 1860 Liberty Seated dime
  • 1860-O Liberty Seated dime
  • 1861-S Liberty Seated dime
  • 1862-S Liberty Seated dime
  • 1863 Liberty Seated dime
  • 1864 Liberty Seated dime
  • 1865 Liberty Seated dime
  • 1866 Liberty Seated dime
  • 1867 Liberty Seated dime
  • 1870-S Liberty Seated dime
  • 1871-CC Liberty Seated dime
  • 1872-CC Liberty Seated dime
  • 1873-CC Liberty Seated dime
  • 1873 doubled die Liberty Seated dime
  • 1873-CC Liberty Seated dime
  • 1874-CC Liberty Seated dime
  • 1878-CC Liberty Seated dime
  • 1879 Liberty Seated dime
  • 1880 Liberty Seated dime
  • 1881 Liberty Seated dime
  • 1885-S Liberty Seated dime
  1. Barber Dimes Worth Money (1893-1895)
  • 1893 3 Over 2 Barber dime
  • 1894-S Barber dime: over a million dollars and there were only 24 of these dimes minted.
  • 1895-O Barber dime
  1. Mercury Dimes Worth Money (1916-1942)
  • 1916-D Mercury dime
  • 1942, 42 Over 41 Mercury dime
  • 1942-D, 42 Over 41 Mercury dime

Tips on How to Look For Valuable Dimes

For dimes in circulation, there are things you can do that have proved fruitful over time.

  • Searching through regular transaction coins.
  • Looking through bank rolls, boxes, and bags from the bank. These are usually gotten at face value from the banks.

For rare dimes, you can add the tips for valuable dimes in circulation to the ones mentioned below.

  • Check the reject bins of machines that convert loose change to cash
  • Look through your local coin dealers sets
  • Look through old proof sets

American Dimes Price Range

Older and collectible American dimes worth money can sell from anywhere between two dollars all the way to thousands of dollars.

Old dimes are worth money beyond their face value. For any dime with silver content, their lowest price is their melt value, which is dependent on the price of silver at the time, but would be around two dollars.

Several factors play into what makes a dime worth thousands of dollars. We cannot tell you what year dimes are worth money without at least knowing what type of dime it is, what the mint mark is, and what grade it is in.

Most Expensive Dime Ever Sold

The most expensive dime ever sold was an 1894-S Barber Dime. In the last twenty years, two different 1894-S Barber Dimes sold for over one million dollars.

An extremely rare coin with only 24 Barber dimes minted in San Francisco in 1894, all were proof coins. Of those 24, there are only 9 known 1894-S Barber Dimes, making it a key date to own.

In 2016, Heritage Auction sold the finest known example of an 1894-S Barber Dime for $1,997,500.

How To Sell Dimes For Money

If you just found some valuable dimes to sell or you plan to sell your dime collection for money, what do you do?

Well, it’s pretty simple.

The American Numismatic Association advises buyers and sellers to get an appraisal from a certified ANA dealer. A proper appraisal would help you keep your prices reasonable and avoid getting lowballed. Once you’ve settled on a price, don’t go for less.

And it’s not just dimes you might find at home that are worth more than their face value. It could be that you’re sitting on a valuable penny, quarter or half-dollar.

Valuable dimes and other currency can be sold with little to no stress through online platforms. One such platform is Coinfully. It is a certified American Numismatic Association Partner that offers free appraisals and the best prices for your valuable coins. 

If you are unsure about selling coins online, our experts can come to you for a zero-pressure at-home appraisal. If you like the amount, you can sell your coin collection to them.

Do not let anyone take advantage of you. At Coinfully, we believe your coin collection deserves nothing less than the best price possible and so should you.

Wyatt McDonald President & Co-Founder of Coinfully. A student of numismatics and trained in the ANA Seminar in Denver, Wyatt is the face of Coinfully and a true expert. After spending a decade buying coins over the counter at a coin shop, he knew there had to be a better way, for everyone involved.

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