WBTV Interview: How Queen Elizabeth II's death has affected the value of coins

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Feb 14th, 2023 · 5 min read

The death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II sent shockwaves around the world when she passed back in September last year. While this greatly affected many aspects of British life and its commonwealth, one of the biggest changes has come in the face of currency and coin collections.

As the British start to overhaul their currency to change the face from the late queen to the new King Charles, the values of old coins have increased and your coin collection gathering dust in your attic might be worth more than you think.

At Coinfully our mission  first and foremost is to inform people about their rare coins and the history of them before even getting onto the value of their coin collection or how to get a coin collection appraised.

So, our president Wyatt McDonald was invited to be interviewed recently on WBTV’s QC@£ show, where he talked about all things royal coin and coin collecting based. Wyatt’s conversation with anchors Kristen Miranda and Alex Giles can be replayed here, and is transcribed below.

Transcribed Interview:

Alex Giles (AG) – Welcome back. It is Friday we’re getting a live look from our uptown HD tower cam. Look at that beautiful skyline shot there, Kristen.

Kristen Miranda (KM) – It looks really pretty. I was outside for a little bit. It’s not as nice as it was yesterday, but it’s still pretty. We’ll take if it’s not snowing. That’s not bad at all. All right, following the death of Queen Elizabeth last September, there’s been this ripple of change right in the UK, including the money that they use thereafter seventy years of Queen Elizabeth the Second having her face on the coins. It’s changing over to the new King, King Charles the third. So, we’re going to talk royal coins. We’re going to talk coins in general. I know that’s an area of interest for a lot of you and that’s why Wyatt McDonald is here. He’s the president of Coinfully. Thanks for being here.

Wyatt McDonald (WM) – I’m happy to be here.

KM – We’re so glad to have you. Let me first ask you this, is coin collecting still as popular today as it was maybe you know at its height?

WM – At its height, we’re getting a new wave of collectors. And as people kind of go minimal with their things. We’ve seen kind of an interest in these like small collectables coming back: cards, comics coins, they’re starting to ramp way back up. And we’re starting to see a younger crowd get into it again. So, it is coming back. But it will be tough for them to come back like it did you know in the 60s and 70s when it was like the very peak.

KM – Is the value there right now? Or is it great to start collecting now because the value will be there eventually?

WM – Value is great, actually, with gold and silver prices. So, a lot of these collectable coins have precious metals in them. And with gold and silver prices kind of skyrocketing as they have been, it’s a good time to get into these coins that have more value than even their silver or gold value allows.

KM – Oh, wow. Okay, so a lot of our folks watching probably are sitting on a coin collection somewhere in their basement. So, hold on to it for now?

WM – But my experience is that everyone has coins, you got it passed down or you know, there’s a box in the closet or whatever that is. You want to know what you have. That’s what I say, it may not be the right time to sell it. But if it is, you don’t want to miss out. So, you always want to get an appraisal and just kind of understand what you have.

KM – That’s good. That’s helpful. Let’s talk about those real coins because man what an undertaking to change everything from Queen Elizabeth to King Charles

WM – Right. Yeah. And one of the crazy parts about the Queen on the coin is it wasn’t just the UK, 35 Different countries literally all over the world. They have the Queen on them. Yep. The UK has switched. So, they’re in the process of only making King Charles’s third coins now. We’re seeing or we’re hearing that they I mean, I’m not there, but we’re hearing that they’re starting to become in circulation there. But a lot of these other countries have decided to not make that switch yet. So, it’s very exclusive to just the UK right now. But like Canada and Australia, they basically said, we’ll do it when we do it. You know, like that type of thing is expensive for them to do. Yeah. Australia said we’ll do it when our money runs out. Because it’s a huge undertaking.

KM – And so that even in the UK where they are making the switch, the Queen Elizabeth coins and bills, they’re still all spendable?

WM – So they haven’t recalled anything. They haven’t demonetized their currency, which a lot of countries will do to kind of hedge against inflation or something like that, but there is no redemption period. And there they are completely spendable. There isn’t really a future of those not being spendable either.

KM  – Got it. Okay, so we have a little more than a minute left. We don’t really change our currency.

WM –  Well we did recently. We haven’t in 90 years, basically. So, our quarter just changed. Yeah. The portrait of the Washington quarter has been the same for nine years longer than the Queen was on the currency. Right?

KM – Yeah, the one on the left is the one I always think of.

WM – The new one came out just last year to kind of spark interest and get people talking about our money again, and it’s working.

KM – It is yeah, it really is?

WM– Yeah.

KM – Well who uses quarters anymore unless you’re like going through the tollbooth and you need 75 cents.

WM – When you get change or something and you look at it, you look in your hand and you can say what is this fake, you know, so you start to understand this a little bit more and there are different sets and commemoratives. And in special issue coins that have that on it that people are talking about and collecting,

KM – But we’re a long way away from the traditional George Washington quarter being more valuable than a quarter.

WM – Correct. It depends. Coin’s rarity depends on how many more were made, and what it was made out of. And basically, the condition of that. So, we made a lot of coins. So we’re pretty far along from just the regular Washington quarter past 1965, the ones before 1965, those are valuable, but the ones after those were pretty far along from them being rare.

KM – Okay, if people want to learn more about coins, Coinfully, all of that, what’s the best way to do it follow you on your social media?

WM – Yeah or go to quizlet.com we do free appraisals in the local area and We do them all online so you can get an appraisal done all from the comfort of your own home.

KM – Oh, that’s brilliant. Okay, thanks for coming to see us.

WM – Absolutely. Thanks for having me

KM – Come back anytime, Alex do you have like a serious coin collection in your house?

AG – I don’t I do have literally a box of quarters that I use for the parking metres in uptown Charlotte that’s it. I don’t have a coin collection, but I do put coins to good use.

A special thanks to QMTV for having us on and letting us talk about our passion. Whether you have amassed your own coin collection or inherited a coin collection, please do get in touch if you’re thinking of selling your rare coins and would like to know how much your coins are worth.

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