What are my coins worth?

Wyatt McDonald

Jun 6th, 2023 · 2 min read

When it comes to coin collections, there are two key questions which come up again and again.

What are my coins worth? AND Who appraises coins?

Thankfully, the answer to both couldn’t be simpler. Coinfully offers a completely free coin appraisal service, available to you wherever you are, which will let you know exactly what you have in your hand.

After all, an accurate valuation for your coins is vital if you are to make an informed decision on whether to go ahead and sell.

Here’s the thing, at Coinfully we get how much people want to understand more about their coin collection. We also get that those same people live busy lives, and don’t have the time to filter through the conflicting and confusing information out there. So they end up feeling completely lost. All too often they give up on their search for a trusted coin collection valuation until another day. In the meantime, what might be a valuable asset sits forgotten in a drawer. Or worse, it could drop in value while they wait.

Coin appraisals online shouldn’t cause so many headaches for people – especially when finding out the value of a coin collection should be an enjoyable experience – and should never feel complicated. At Coinfully, we go out of our way to make sure the process is simple.

Below we cover some of the frequently asked questions when people ask what their coins are worth:

Is a coin’s value based all on age?: Most definitely not – there’s so much more to a coin’s value than the date that appears on the coin’s face. The real juice comes from a mix of factors – its condition, its rarity, and yes, good old supply and demand, which fluctuates all the time (all the more reason to seek expert advice!).

Is my coin a rare gem?: Now this could be a game changer. If your coin’s one of a kind, or just really hard to find, then you might just be sitting on a gold mine (even if it’s not made of gold)! When you get a coin appraisal through Coinfully we’ll be able to explain exactly why your coin may or may not be as rare as a four-leaf clover and why that could make its price shoot up like a rocket!

Does condition matter?: Heck yes, it does! You know how a shiny classic car gets all the oohs and aahs, right? It’s the same with coins. A coin that’s been kept in mint condition can get you top dollar. During a Coinfully coin appraisal, we dig into what those grading numbers mean, and why they’re super important to the value of your coin or coin collection.

Do I need help from a coin pro?: You wouldn’t go to a baker to fix a leaky faucet, right? So why trust anyone but a coin professional (called a numismatist) to give you the lowdown on your coins? Taking your coin collection to a trusted expert like ours at Coinfully can save you a world of guesswork. We’ll also chat about some online tools you can use for a quick check! If you haven’t yet seen our Instant Appraisal Guide, this is a great place to start.

Is there investment potential in my coins?

Did you know coins could be your financial superhero? Some coins are not just pieces of metal but potential hedges against inflation, especially in an economy that’s bouncing around like a ping-pong ball! If you’ve been lucky enough to have inherited a coin collection and are wondering whether to sell your coins or hang onto them, we can give you guidance on this during a coin appraisal.

With Coinfully all you need to do is send us an email with some photos and basic details of the coins you want to be appraised and we take it from there.

That, quite literally, is it.

No need to scour the internet for ‘coin appraisals near me’ or trek into the nearest city hoping to find some expertise. Coinfully is a family-run business that has been developed by coin enthusiasts with many years of experience in this industry, so we know exactly how confusing this can feel when you’ve coins in your hands that you’re thinking of buying.

We have helped hundreds of happy people overcome the hurdle of getting a clear and transparent coin appraisal and have offered a top-of-market price for their coin collections in the process.

For larger vintage coin collections, we even offer our free expert appraisal service in-person. There’s never any pressure to sell, just good honest advice – advice which will allow you to make that informed decision.

What are my coins worth? Who appraises coins? Still have questions? Contact us now.



Wyatt McDonald President & Co-Founder of Coinfully. A student of numismatics and trained in the ANA Seminar in Denver, Wyatt is the face of Coinfully and a true expert. After spending a decade buying coins over the counter at a coin shop, he knew there had to be a better way, for everyone involved.

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