Selling an inherited coin collection can be emotional

Wyatt McDonald

Apr 10th, 2023 · 3 min read

At Coinfully, we understand how difficult it can be to make the decision whether or not to have an inherited coin collection valued, as one of our customers articulates here:

‘Selling my brother’s collection was deeply personal. Wyatt was sensitive and respectful. I feel I received an honest and fair appraisal and highly recommend Coinfully.’

Coinfully Trustpilot review, Aug 2022.

An inherited collection may well have an emotional as well as monetary value for you. Often collections are reminders of our lost loved ones. An inherited coin collection, sometimes with hand-written labels attached, is a poignant, tactile reminder of their character and personality.

So it becomes a matter of great personal importance that, if you do decide to sell your inheritance, you deal with an experienced coin trader, someone who will treat your loved one’s estate with the greatest respect. We’ve written about your potential next steps here.

The power of the human connection with coin collections

For us, trust and respect are at the heart of what we do. As a family business made up of people who themselves are coin collectors, we know that a coin often carries so much more than monetary value.

Why, after all, do so many of us become so fascinated with coins? After all, they are just metal. Pieces of copper, silver or gold. It’s just money – a dollar, a pound, a euro or maybe a yen.

Well, often it’s because of the human stories that surround them. Those stories may be contained in the coin itself, wrapped up in its date of manufacture, or the person or event it commemorates. But often they surround the collector themselves.

Chances are, as family members, we’ll have heard a wealth of tales of how a certain treasured coin was found in a thrift store, or how a parent saved up for it when they were a kid. We’ll have seen the pride on their face when they showed off their prized coin collection.

But what was it about the collection that grabbed your loved one’s interest so much in the first place?

Five reasons collectors get emotional about collecting coins:

Nostalgia: Coin collections, or the act of reviewing them, can bring back fond memories of specific periods in the collector’s life or remind them of the people who introduced them to the hobby in the first place.

History: Rare coins often have an interesting link to the past, allowing collectors to feel tangibly connected to different historical events or eras. This often evokes a deep amount of care, pride and fascination.

Appreciation of art: Collectors often get joy from the appreciation of the intricate design and detail of some rare coins and when you consider the skill involved in creating them, especially at a time when tools were pretty basic, it’s easy to understand why they’re considered artistic assets.

Personal accomplishment: Accumulating a coin collection takes a massive investment of patience, unwavering dedication and real knowledge – it’s easy to get duped into buying a seemingly rare coin that turns out to be worthless. As collections grow, so does that idea of accomplishment and pride.

Community: It is thought that as many as 8% of the population of the US now collect coins. Being part of a coin collecting community with a shared interest is a powerful thing and collectors often bond over their shared passion, enthusiastically exchanging experiences, stories, and knowledge. This sense of belonging is priceless to a collector.

So, when you do then decide to get a valuation on an inherited coin collection, it naturally becomes a matter of deep personal importance to know that you can trust the individual making the appraisal.

Respecting the coin collection and the collector

At Coinfully, an honest, open and sensitive approach is all part of the service. We want you to know that not only will we talk you through the provenance of the collection so you know exactly what you are dealing with, but that we will make sure your coins are valued by experienced numismatists whom you can depend on to give a realistic appraisal based on the current market.

Unlike many dealers, we have a network of coin buyers around the world. As such, and because we keep our overheads low, we’re able to offer a top of market sale price for an inherited coin collection – the price it absolutely deserves. Our customers walk away totally content that the collection – and therefore the person who put it together – has been given one hundred percent of the respect they deserve.

You can see this for yourself from our reviews. We are proud to have a 4.7/5 rating on Trustpilot. Hopefully it shows that we always put you, the customer, first.

Reviews like this one:  ‘Father’s coin collection – Great experience, felt at ease and confident with the entire experience’ (Dec 22) mean a lot to us. They show we are doing the job as it should be done – with complete understanding and respect for everyone who contacts us.

The collection wasn’t handed over to a coin dealer with unclear credentials or taken to an anonymous auction house where you could be giving your coins away for well under market value.

Use an appraiser you can trust to protect your legacy

If you have an inherited collection or need a coin appraisal, we’d love you to experience that level of understanding, excitement and service first-hand.

Take advantage of our online appraisal service where you can upload your coins direct from your couch. If you have inherited a large coin collection, we offer a FREE Zero-Pressure At-Home Coin Appraisal service too. We won’t keep you waiting like some coin dealers do. Our expert appraisers will deliver a quick and efficient appraisal process, with prices, in the comfort of your home or place of choosing.

If you would like a free expert appraisal for an inherited coin collection, call our team today, for a positive experience, where you and your coin collection always come first.


Wyatt McDonald President & Co-Founder of Coinfully. A student of numismatics and trained in the ANA Seminar in Denver, Wyatt is the face of Coinfully and a true expert. After spending a decade buying coins over the counter at a coin shop, he knew there had to be a better way, for everyone involved.

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