Finding the best coin dealers in the Southwest of the US

Finding the best coin dealers in the Southwest of the US

Mar 22nd, 2023 · 3 minute read

Understanding how much your coin collection is worth should be straightforward and, at Coinfully, we’ve made it as easy as possible.

Travelling across the Southwest – through Arizona, New Mexico or Nevada – to get a coin appraisal can be a long haul trip for a knee-high offer from a coin buyer keen to take advantage of you at the end of your journey.

There’s always the risk that the collection may get damaged while in your vehicle and when you finally reach your destination you might feel pressured into accepting an offer far below what you were hoping for just to make the whole trip feel like it was worth taking.

There are other ways you can approach this though. You could get an online coin appraisal, or even make the most of our free at-home coin appraisal service for the Southwest of the United States.

Both of these coin appraisal services are aimed at getting an accurate valuation for your rare coins with as little hassle as possible, so you can focus on the important things in life.

An online appraisal is popular with many coin collectors

The most straightforward method is an online coin appraisal. We carry this out completely free of charge and make it simple by using our “3-step clear appraisal” system:

1 – We can talk over the phone or via email about your collection, so our numismatists can provide the best advice on how you can get your coin collection appraised.

2 – Sometimes we need a little bit more information so we can see the detail of your coins and understand what you know about the provenance of them. We will likely ask for a photo or a more detailed description of your coin or coin collection, which ideally you’ll email over to our team.

3 – Most of our clients prefer to have their rare coins and coin collections shipped directly to our facility. Once we receive it, our team will open it under 4k security cameras so you can have complete confidence in our transparent approach while we carry out our verification process. Once your collection is verified, payment is issued on the same business day. All coins processed by Coinfully are insured by Lloyd’s of London while they are in our care.

Are face-to-face coin appraisals the best way to sell coins?

Some people prefer the security of seeing their coin collection appraised in person, and this can easily be arranged if you have a larger collection of coins or a coin collection of historical significance. An in-person appraisal is usually recommended in this case.

The Southwest is a rich area for coin conventions, clubs and collectors and our experts are based out of Phoenix. We’re more than happy to get up close to your coin collection and provide a free, detailed valuation, without you ever having to leave your own home.

What is the best way to have rare coins valued?

We believe it’s important for you to know that you got the best deal for your coin collection when it comes to selling it. That’s why we take time to explain what we know about your coins and the history behind them, so you understand what they are really worth in today’s market and why.

Do you live in the Southwest of the US and are looking for a coin evaluation service you can trust? Contact our team today and we’ll put the arrangements in place.

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Wyatt McDonald President & Co-Founder of Coinfully. A student of numismatics and trained in the ANA Seminar in Denver, Wyatt is the face of Coinfully and a true expert. After spending a decade buying coins over the counter at a coin shop, he knew there had to be a better way, for everyone involved.

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