Your coin collection is too special not to get paid the highest possible sum of money for it.

Selling coins can be a hassle with often disappointing returns. Your coins are worth more than that. On top of providing an industry leading offer, Coinfully will authenticate, value and assign an approximate grade to all of your items.

Never settle for:

A coin shop that will pay you less money because they have no competition.

A lengthy appraisal process that requires you to travel.

Confusion around the value of your coin collection.

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    Coinfully educating on numismatics.

Access to a global network of buyers waiting for collections just like yours

Experience Clarity

Cut through the confusion and fully understand the value of your coins.

Sell Simply Online

Experience your appraisal from the low pressure environment of your own home.

Get the Right Price

Receive a market leading price for your collection.

We don't just care about your coins. We care about you.

Our founders left storied careers in traditional coin companies to create a better way for collectors to sell coins.

We have seen coin shops pay only 40% of market value for a coin collection.

As collectors ourselves, we believe that everyone should be able to experience an easy and transparent appraisal.

Coinfully is an authorized member of the most trusted rare coin collecting organizations.

How it Works

The 3-Step Clear Appraisal Plan

Selling coin collections is a hassle that often results in a disappointing price for your coins. With The 3-Step Clear Appraisal Plan, you'll get a market leading price from a simple online coin appraisal. You'll save time and get the best price for your collection, all from the comfort of your home.

Step 1

Create Photos or an Inventory Listing

With Coinfully you are a part of the action. Instead of piling your coins on a counter and trusting a buyer to estimate which items are valuable, we walk you through identifying the coins yourself, confirming their authenticity, so you get to stay in control. For tips on how to take excellent photos of your coins, see our photo guide.

Step 2

Receive Appraisal and Accept Offer

An appraisal from us is as good as gold, and when you are ready to sell, you can literally take it to the bank! Our documentation is also accepted by insurance companies, legal processes, and much more.

Step 3

Ship Coins and Get Paid a Top of Market Price

Packages are fully insured by Lloyd's of London and carefully opened under 4k security cameras. In just one business day, your collection is verified and you get paid!


We love getting to be the guide for people in their numismatic journey. Please check out some of the lovely people we have had the pleasure of working with.

Before the appraisal we were stuck in the mud on almost every aspect of my folks estate. You showed us an impartial way, though the division of my Dad’s one-of-a-kind coin collection, that it can be done. We are out of the mud and on higher ground. I say that with a breath of fresh [air]!

Will Boyd

Selling my brothers collection was deeply personal. Wyatt was sensitive and respectful. I feel I received an honest and fair appraisal and highly recommend Coinfully.

Mary A.

Thanks so much, [you] saved me [a lot] of research time that would have been pointless to do.

Lori Wallis

Thank you so much for making this so easy!

Robbie Webster
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