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Wyatt McDonald

President and Head Numismatist at Coinfully

American Numismatic Association Summer Graduate - Specialization in Rare Coins

“I can deliver truly transparent, easy to understand, market valuations for any US Coin collection. Helping collectors and families have the best possible experience selling their coins is my #1 priority.”

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With a total of 21 years of experience in numismatics, Wyatt started attending coin shows at age 12 in 2002. Quickly becoming a fixture at these events Wyatt learned from some of the most famous names in numismatics, like now colleague Douglas Winter. 

In 2003, he started traveling with Debbie McDonald (as a representative of numismatic auction firm Bower’s & Merena) to gather rare coin consignments for auction.

In addition to tutelage by his numismatic mentors, Wyatt has undergone extensive training with the American Numismatic Association.

Wyatt’s passion for coins and helping families blossomed as he began his career at Hyatt Coins, a well-known southern numismatic institution from 1959 based in Charlotte, NC.

In his 8 years with Hyatt Coins, Wyatt rose to the position of Principal Appraiser and Buyer for the firm.

After many years of helping collectors and families through an outmoded brick and mortar experience, Wyatt knew there had to be a better way. In 2021, Wyatt resigned from Hyatt Coins to co-found Coinfully as their President.

Coinfully was built to be the tech forward, online and at-home answer to the antiquated coin shop experience.

Wyatt wanted to level the playing field for coin sellers.

“You shouldn’t have to live in a major city or have a relationship with a reputable numismatist to have an easy experience selling your coins for the best price.”

On top of being Coinfully’s President, Wyatt is frequently called upon as a Television Pundit for WBTV News in Charlotte, NC where he educates the public about all things relating to rare coins & currency.

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