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Having been drawn to coins at a young age, Doug has spent the last 54 years of his life in the field of numismatics, starting to collect coins at seven years old. By the age of ten, Douglas was buying and selling at conventions in the New York City area. In 1972, at the age of thirteen, Douglas became a member of the American Numismatic Association. And, before his sixteenth birthday, Douglas had his first table at a coin show. After graduating from college with a degree in English, in 1982 Doug joined Steve Ivy Rare Coins in Texas. Steve Ivy merged his company with another to create Heritage Auctions, where from 1982 through 1985 Douglas served as the Director of Research.  There Douglas wrote auction catalogues, produced fixed price lists, researched rare and unusual coins in stock, and sold rarer-date coins. It was here that Doug became keenly interested in rare 18th and 19th century United States gold coins. In 1985, Doug went solo to start his first company, which handled the research for other coin companies. Some of his clients included Sotheby’s, Superior, Christie’s, Mid-American Rare Coin Auctions, and R.M. Smythe. In 1989 Douglas founded Douglas Winter Numismatics which specializes in buying and selling choice and rare U.S. gold coins. By 1992, it was recognized as one of the leading specialized numismatic firms in the area.  Still president of Douglas Winter Numismatic and an award-winning author of more than a dozen numismatic books, Douglas’s knowledge and eagle eye for properly graded and original coins have made him one of the most respected figures in the numismatic community.

Awards and Acknowledgments


The ANA’s Presidential Certificate of Appreciation in 1996


Numismatic Literary Guild: Clemy Award recipient 2019; Best United States Coin Book, 1997;


Award for Extraordinary Merit, 1999


American Numismatic Association Summer Seminar Instructor 1998, 2000, and 2003


Books by Douglas Winter:

  • Gold Coins of the Dahlonega Mint 1838-1861
  • Gold Coins of the Charlotte Mint: 1838-1861
  • The United States $3 Gold Pieces 1854-1889
  • An Insider’s Guide to Collecting Type One Double Eagles
  • Carson City Gold Coinage 1870-1893: A Rarity and Condition Census Update
  • Gold Coins of the Dahlonega Mint, 1838-1861: A Numismatic History and Analysis
  • Gold Coins of the Carson City Mint: 1870 - 1893
  • The Acadiana Collection of New Orleans Coinage
  • Type Three Double Eagles, 1877-1907: A Numismatic History and Analysis
  • Carson City Gold Coinage 1870-1893: A Rarity and Condition Census Update


  • A Guidebook of United States Coins (aka the Redbook) - since 1983
  • Encyclopedia of United States and Colonial Coins by Walter Breen
  • Encyclopedia of United States Silver Dollars by Q. David Bowers
  • United States Patterns and Related Issues by Andrew W. Pollock III

Articles and Interviews:


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Doug Winter founded Douglas Winter Numismatics (DWN) in 1985. The nationally renowned firm specializes in buying and selling rare United States gold coins. He has written over a dozen books...

The 10 Rules of Successful Coin Collecting

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