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Handling, packing, transporting, presentation – your coin collection deserves better than that

To get the best price for a coin collection, you have to take care of it. The problem is, preparing and transporting your coins for a valuation is a hassle and risks damage that could wipe $$$s off the market value. And that's just bad business. With Coinfully you’ll get an easy At-Home Coin Appraisal from someone who cares about your coin collection as much as you do.

Your coin collection’s too important to settle for:

  • Being kept waiting weeks and weeks for an estimate or low-ball valuation.
  • Appraisals on your rare coins done miles away by someone you’ll never meet and whose credentials are not crystal clear.
  • The hassle and wasted time of a coin appraisal process which burdens you with the prep and delivery of your collection in person.
  • Accepting an offer for your collectible coins and then having to wait forever to be paid out for your items.

Strip the hassle out of selling large coin collections

No need to leave the house

With our At-Home Coin Appraisal service, one of our numismatic experts travels to your home to appraise and make a top-of-market offer on your coin collection.

No time wasting

At Coinfully, we pride ourselves on an efficient, authentic appraisal process. Almost all collections can be done in less than a day, with the largest ones completed in 2-3 days.

Get paid immediately

Unlike other coin traders and auction houses, we never keep you waiting for your cash. We make an offer and, if you are happy with it, the good news is you’ll have a check in your hand in minutes.

Take the risk out of getting your precious coin collection appraised.

With a large or historically important coin collection, getting it valued can be a minefield. Even once you’ve had the collection appraised, how do you know you to believe the buyer? That’s a big investment of trust. If you’ve inherited coins or if you’ve taken coin collecting up as a hobby, you’ll have an interest in their history, you’ll want to protect their legacy and make sure you’re doing justice to the memory of the person who left that coin collection to you. We offer a full concierge experience where one of our representatives travels to meet you at your home, answers your questions, gives you the relevant information and makes a top-of-market offer on your collection.

Coinfully was set up specifically to help coin sellers like you get the very best coin prices for your collection. We highlight the pitfalls to you – and with long, storied careers in the world of numismatics behind us, we’ve seen every variety of them. As coin collectors ourselves, we believe all coin appraisals should be easy, genuine and transparent. No trekking miles with your gold and silver coins in tow for an in-person appraisal. No taking and sending endless photos or relying on expensive auctions. No underhanded salesperson trying to pressure you into a fast sale. We’ve got your back.

Read more about Coinfully’s unique approach here.

Wyatt was outstanding. Very knowledgeable. He took the time to explain everything, evaluated our coins, and then made a proposal. At no time did we feel nervous about the whole process. Once he issued the check he made sure we were completely satisfied. I will strongly recommend him to all of our friends who are in need of his services. Just glad we contacted him first.

Tom C.

Why you should take advantage of our At-Home Coin Appraisal service

The benefits of having trusted coin experts come to your home to value your coins rather than bagging them up and driving them across country are many and varied. Take the weight off your shoulders – we appraise coins right there in front of you.

  • It’s a FREE coin appraisal!

    Yes, you read that right – we don’t charge for this service. As part of the appraisal process, we include free services such as travelling to your home for a no-pressure appraisal and offer. This is unique in numismatist appraisals. Some buyers will charge you just for the privilege of looking at your collection. The free at-home services excludes probate and insurance appraisals, which we are happy to deliver for a fee. (Get in touch for details)

  • You don’t need to organize your coin collection in advance

    If you’ve inherited a collection, it’s usually the case that the way the collector packaged and stored things is right. By unnecessarily handling, organizing, and cataloging the collection, you might be creating more work for the appraiser and actually bring down the value of the collection. Leave it as you found it and we’ll do the rest.

  • We might not need to see every coin in your collection

    This depends on the types of coins being appraised. Some designs of coins do not have rare dates and can be processed in bulk, meaning we’re in and out quickly and you’re free to get on with your day. That doesn’t mean we’re not being careful or that we’re dismissing your coins – any type of coin that has potentially rare dates are always processed individually.

  • You’ll get paid for your coin collection right away

    One of the greatest benefits of our At-Home Coin Appraisal service is the moment you accept our offer you have a check in your hand. There’s no wondering if the dealer 500 miles away that you found on the internet has forgotten about paying you.

If you’re looking for a reliable, realistic valuation based on prices buyers are willing to pay right now, call our team today for a no-pressure chat about your collection. We’re here to make this stress-free for you.

At-Home Appraisals How it works

Selling coins can take you down a disappointing track. Sellers can be left bewildered and confused by a low offer they can’t necessarily trust. With Coinfully’s clear At-Home Coin Appraisal service, we pull all the worry and uncertainty out of the process, giving you peace of mind that you’ve got the best price for your large coin collection – all from the comfort of your living room.

  • Call or Email to Discuss Your Collection with a Numismatic Expert

    Let's start with a discussion about your coins so we can advise on your next steps and make arrangements to visit if required. Send an email to, call us at 704-621-4893, or schedule a call today.

  • Strategize and Organize

    Our numismatic expert will take a look at your coins and establish the best, most time-efficient way of organizing the collection while still giving every coin the time it deserves. We’ll sort the coins into categories and identify the ones that have better dates or are in the best condition and therefore worth the most money.

  • Grade and Catalog

    Once we’ve identified the better condition coins, we sort them into rough grades to be able to research the current prices for them. We explain everything to you as we go, writing down everything onto appraisal sheets for every coin. We guarantee the best live pricing for every coin.

  • Appraise & Offer

    Once we’ve had a good look at the collection and completed our research, we’ll be able to tell you there and then what your collection is worth. We will then give you our offer based on the current highest bids for your coins. Everything is done in front of you in a completely transparent way. If you accept, you will be paid within minutes.


We love getting to be the guide for people in their numismatic journey. Please check out some of the lovely people we have had the pleasure of working with.

Before the appraisal we were stuck in the mud on almost every aspect of my folks estate. You showed us an impartial way, though the division of my Dad’s one-of-a-kind coin collection, that it can be done. We are out of the mud and on higher ground. I say that with a breath of fresh [air]!

Will Boyd

Selling my brothers collection was deeply personal. Wyatt was sensitive and respectful. I feel I received an honest and fair appraisal and highly recommend Coinfully.

Mary A.

Thanks so much, you saved me a lot of research time that would have been pointless to do.

Lori Wallis

Thank you so much for making this so easy!

Robbie Webster

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